Parker Annual Meeting March 21st- Meet Brian Shellum

Brian Shellum BookThe John P. Parker Historical Society will hold their annual meeting at 1:30pm, March 21st.

Business will be conducted, and then our speaker will be featured at 2:00pm

This years speaker is Brian Shellum, author of two books on Charles Young- the most recent is :

Black Officer in a Buffalo Soldier Regiment

The book is:

“Brian Shellum traces the development, experiences, and extraordinary accomplishments of a pioneering black officer who broke through one racial barrier after another in the decades straddling the turn of the twentieth century. The author follows Charles Young on his far-flung adventures with the Buffalo Soldiers on the Great Plains and in Sequoia National Park, leading his troopers in combat in the Philippines and Mexico, and his service in Haiti and Liberia as the first African American military attaché. Shellum places in the context of his times a leader who came to epitomize African American manhood. In so doing the author reveals a true hero to his country and his race.”—Floyd Thomas, curator at the National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center

You can read more about Brian Shellum at: